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Modern Marketing in the Digital Era

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Blog

Today’s digital era provides us with almost anything and everything available with just a few clicks. Over the last twenty years, we’ve experienced a significant shift in all areas of our daily lives; career, family, entertainment, travel, education, and knowledge base learning. This accessibility is possible due to the progression of technology advances and the Internet. With these technology advances a relatively digital media medium has surfaced with 360-Photography.

What is 360-Photography? 360-Photography is also referred to as an immersive view and is known as a 360-visual perspective and viewing of a particular room or environment. According to PCMag Digital Group, Immersive View is described as, “An application that displays in the full width and height of the screen. Smartphone and tablet apps are mostly designed as immersive-view programs” (Davis, 2017). An immersive view also correlates to Virtual Reality (VR) in that the images displayed to provide the user/consumer with a realistic view of the space in a VR form. A good example of this concept is demonstrated on google maps. This initial concept seen in Google maps includes zooming in and out of the perspective street view to give the user a realistic visual perspective. Based on research, 360-Photography has been available for the last ten years, but this new concept has not fully surfaced nor reached its growth potential (Gibbs, 2015). Businesses that embrace this new technology and take the modern marketing approach with their promotional efforts with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest (Google, 2018).


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